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Diabetes therapeutic effects of forest melon

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Bitter melon, also known as forest bitter melon, has many health benefits. As agreed, welding bitter melon, bitter, non-toxic, if used regularly will help reduce skin diseases, making their skin smooth.

According to modern medicine, bitter melon that kill bacteria and viruses, against cancer cells, provided invaluable support for cancer patients are treated with radiation. In addition, bitter melon also has pharmacological effects following:
– Anti free radicals that cause aging and generation of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia, nerve damage, urinary tract infections, diabetes …
– Increased glucose oxidation, preventing the absorption of glucose into the cells, inhibits the activity of the enzyme glucose synthesis.
– Have similar biological effect of insulin, helps the body to increase insulin secretion, very good with type 2 diabetes patients.
Meanwhile, forest melon is good for people with diabetes. Suffering through native forests in many mountainous regions of our country. According to traditional medicine, bitter melon forest, welding, non-toxic, with heat effect, antidotal, but annoying, except phlegm, coughing in lung disease cutting …

Folklore has long been taken bitter young leaves forest as vegetables, whole rhizome leaves women given placebo delivery period. Water melon color wire forest detoxifying effect, use tetanus prevention for women after childbirth or miscarriage.
Suffering through the forest can be used both cord, roots, leaves, fruits, washed, dried, excellent drink. May take long, totally hydrophobic pharmacy. Using the forest bitter melon dish processed much as possible, to help stabilize blood sugar.
Suffering through the forest is very good for health. Recently, in some places, they brought the delta melon plantation forests into commercial products as a natural cleaning categories. Suffering through the woods is easy to grow, sow the seed of natural, water was up very good tree. Forest bitter sprout into specialties in the restaurant. It can be processed carp soup, sesame, red snapper, shrimp cooked bitter sprout forest. Private anabas melon cooked with forest sprout dish so special medicine.

Diabetes is complex, patients have to live with it for a lifetime, leading to dangerous complications. This disease can try traditional medicine (such as forest melon, pineapple, female or some other drugs) but must have the specialist for periodic monitoring diabetes, check your blood sugar. If no effective medicinal use, must use pharmacies to pull hypoglycemia, then drug treatment male support.

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